Perfect Drywall Corners

by julie
How to get perfect seams without losing your mind!

Since of course renovations on mobile homes or in our case office trailers turned mobile home things are significantly different from working on your standard home. One of the biggest differences has to be that they flex and move all the time. Since we wanted to have traditional walls with drywall instead of the standard […]

Coloring a New Home

by julie
Swizzle stick

Now that we’ve textured and primed, its time to start the fun portion of this renovation: the finishes. As of today we have picked all of our main paint colors, I may be adding another fun pop of color in my daughter’s room for an accent wall but for now these are what we’re going […]

Drywalled and All That Jazz

by julie

So due to the holidays, family obligations, sadly a death in the family, and the renovation I’ve been a terrible blog host, I’m very sorry for that. To give you a little update on our renovation process we are now ready to paint the interior. Which means we’ve completed the drywall in all the rooms, […]

Nutmeg Maple Cream Pie

by julie

Hands down the best holiday dessert I’ve ever made, Nutmeg Maple Cream Pie. I absolutely love this recipe! Once I decided to try this out on my family, the typical pumpkin pie was out the window! I get requests for it every holiday and happily oblige! In the words of my husband and cousin “It […]

A little of this and that

by julie
thanksgiving dachshund

So sorry I’ve been so neglectful of my readers lately its been a bit crazy around here we’re working on drywall and I even learned how to mud tape and sand, which I think made my husband happy I can help with something inside besides the insulation finally lol. Especially since I can no longer […]

Colors & Other Decor for the Trailer Renovation

by julie
colors and other

  Ok so just a little update on a trailer décor items, because of course this is the fun part. Our local Orchard Supply Hardware store was going out of business, which made me sad, but gave me the opportunity to pick up some great lights for our renovation at a super fantastic price. I […]

Mobile Home Makeover: Update #2

by julie
Renovation realities 2

Well I’d like to say that we’re really far along in our progress with the trailer renovation, but unfortunately as it typically goes with this kind of thing we’re not. That’s not to say we haven’t been working hard but most of the work has been the kind of thing that doesn’t really show up […]

Reading eBooks for Free – Overdrive!

by julie

As many of you know I’m definitely a massive book nerd. Honestly I devour books like there’s going to be some massive book burning in about an hour or so. Obviously in today’s economy and with book prices being what they are this can create quite the problem so I’ve found an awesome way to […]

Renovation Realities: Our Supply Finds

by julie

So since we’ve all been under the weather around here and not much work has gotten done I’d thought I’d take this time to update you all on the awesome finds I’ve been getting for our renovation. Between the ReStore and craigslist I’ve definitely gotten some incredible deals, and as you can imagine made my […]

Sorry for the delay

by julie

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted anything recently we’ve been dealing with a lovely bout of the flu after we had some amazing family visiting. I promise as soon as I can shake this nasty illness I will posting several new blog posts. I hope all of you are able to stay away from this […]

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